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It is the only guide you will ever need as a lesbian or bisexual woman. It is always important to listen to your true feelings and to make certain that you do not allow society, especially those that you surround yourself with, to pressure you into pegging you into a particular label.It seems so easy to classify people into groups – straight, bi, gay – but know that above all, it is about you and your comfortable level.Being with other girls is often a safe haven for women to discover what is pleasurable to them and we often feel comfortable with other females versus the of feelings of intimidation from a man.If it felt good, right, and you want to do it again, the chances are you may be leaning towards wanting to be with women.I’m not saying that it was a particular girl that I was with that made me decide that I wanted to live a “lesbian lifestyle”.In fact, it was me being with another woman that felt so RIGHT and natural.Do you enjoy watching lesbian-themed movies, shows, or reading content regarding the lesbian lifestyle?While there is often a lot of curiosity that lies around whether or not you are really a lesbian or not, the bottom line is that only you know what you like. Always follow your heart and everything will fall into place.

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It’s often the comfort of knowing that another girl may like you as well that will pull you out of your shell.Okay, so you kissed a girl, liked it and are still wondering if you are a lesbian or not.This is kind of where there may be some lines blurred, but overall, if the girl – any girl – gives you those queasy butterflies in your stomach, you may be on to something!It’s a lot more than a make out session with a girl that defines you being a lesbian or not.

It’s COMPLETELY HEALTHY to “experiment” with other girls to see what you do and don’t like.Do you notice her little quirks, how vibrant her smile is, and know what her favorite things are?