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definitely (heard a) woman screaming.'A little girl from that room came running out calling for help ... She sounded pretty desperate.'Others said they then saw a man trying to jump off the ship after the altercation.'They were on deck 7 and he tried to run up to deck 9 to jump off the ship, but security grabbed him before he could jump,' Morr said.Another passenger told ABC News that she saw the victim's young daughter after the incident, and the girl was hysterical.Most of the main characters were members of the Mall Rats at one point or another.

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Passengers said the cruise ship was hosting a 'murder mystery' theme dinner on the night of the tragic incident - and that they thought the fight was fake at first.

Other passengers were able to move freely around the ship during the lockdown While on board, some scoped out their surroundings with binoculars or took pictures of the gray, rainy scenery, while others watched the comings-and-goings in the restricted-access area leading to the ship. The scene was somewhat harried as people got off the boat and they tried to figure out if their shore excursion was still on, where they needed to go and if they needed to make alternate sight-seeing plans.

Apparently Salma Hayek was listening when I said she needs to start showing the goods again, because this is more like it: she busted out some vintage cleavage for the premiere of some movie called Carol at Cannes. I think the cut on the shoulders makes her look wider than she really is though.… continue reading »

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Then the daughter became ill and had to be hospitalized.… continue reading »

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Mead known as i Qhilika is traditionally prepared by the Xhosa of South Africa. Mead is mentioned many times in Neil Gaiman's 2001 novel, American Gods; it is referred to as the drink of the gods.… continue reading »

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Mark admitted, 'When I go outside it will grow a couple of inches,' to which Sheera interrupted with a cheeky and flirtatious comment: 'I'll come with you!… continue reading »

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