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I travel to Jamaica a lot as my mum lives there now. After a time when I wondered if I should do it or not - time that has not taken more than 6 months - I start! Well I have been told that Well, that's it I decided and I finally write.Family life in Norway follows much of the same lines as dating and marriage.

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A part of this is because many people view marriage as simply a legal standing, plus few people put great weight in religious reasons that encourage marriage.

Despite the delay, and at times lack of belief in marriage, people in Norway still marry in significant numbers.

Hello, dear gentleman, who is reading my profile right now. I do not want to lose time in writing millions of messages. Born and grew up in Latvia, but my home language is Russian.

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Around me, people will not understand the nature of my I'm calm, loyal, independent. Not slim but not to I'm very friendly and outgoing like to have a laugh.

Many young people want to establish themselves as individuals prior to marrying, which means dating is generally drawn out over time as individuals place education, careers, exploration, and owning a home as higher priorities than marriage.