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The horrifying results include searches such as "women shouldn't vote", "women need to be disciplined" and "women shouldn't have rights".In a statement, Ogilvy art director Christopher Hunt said: "When we came across these searches, we were shocked by how negative they were and decided we had to do something with them." UN Women is now asking Twitter users to debate the campaign using the hashtag #womenshould.UN Women will significantly boost UN efforts to promote gender equality, expand opportunity, and tackle discrimination around the globe." During General Debate at the opening of the 65th General Assembly of the United Nations, world leaders commended the creation of the body and its intention to "empower women", as well as welcoming Bachelet's position as the inaugural head.The provisions set forth by resolution 63/311 on system-wide coherence, adopted by the General Assembly on 2 October 2010, constituted the blueprint for UN Women.After years of negotiations between UN member states, women's groups, and civil society, on 2 July 2010 the General Assembly unanimously adopted the resolution 64/289, thus creating UN Women by merging the Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW); the International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (INSTRAW, established in 1976); the Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women (OSAGI, established in 1997), and the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM, established in 1976).Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced at the founding of the movement that he is "grateful to Member States for having taken this major step forward for the world's women and girls.Seeking to strengthen the United Nation's institutional arrangements for gender equality and women empowerment, resolution 63/311 supported the consolidation of four distinct parts of the UN system that focused exclusively on gender equality and women's empowerment into a composite entity to be led by an Under-Secretary-General.Moreover, the resolution requested that the Secretary-General produce a proposal specifying the mission statement of the composite entity and its organizational arrangements, including an organizational chart, funding, and the executive board to oversee its operational activities.

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Facebook, Google and Twitter have also signed on, as well as major ad agencies WPP and IPG.“Every day, hundreds of millions of people around the world are exposed to the communications our industry creates,” said Martin Sorrell, chief executive of WPP.Still, advertising remains a cesspool of outmoded conceptions of women.Just 3 percent of ads feature women in leadership or managerial roles, according to an industry-wide analysis conducted by Unilever in 2015.The General Assembly, Economic and Social Council, and the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) constitute the governance structure that sets forth the normative policy guiding principles of the Entity.

The intergovernmental governance structure in charge of providing operational policy guidance to UN Women includes the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council and the organization's Executive Board.Resolution 64/289 determined that the entity should be headed by an Under-Secretary-General, to be appointed by the Secretary-General in consultation with member states, for a term of four years, with the possibility of renewal for one term.