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Should you have any comments or questions regarding this site or if you want to ask SQL Server-related questions, e-mail us here.We hope we are able to help and we are glad to help!!! A NULL value is returned if the integer expression is not in this range.The Convert() function accepts a parameter that controls the format of date and time functions (explained in detail in Chapter 4). You should keep in mind that SQL Server always records time as a part of these data types.If time is not specified in a constant, SQL Server automatically assigns a default value— A. Thus, if you want to select all contacts born on a particular day, you should not use something like this: This statement would extract records with Date Of Birth set to midnight of that day.The precision of datetime is 3.33 ms, and it covers dates from January 1, 1753, to December 31, 9999.Trends come and go, but your DB strategy shouldn’t be a flavor of the month.For example, the number 123456.789 has a precision of 9 and a scale of 3.

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TIP However, we are starting to see computers with billions of records—both OLTP and data warehousing systems are getting bigger and bigger, and there are also some implementations of distributed databases that can use integers higher than two billion.

SQL Server uses the IEEE 754 standard to store these numbers.

When a float or real variable or column is assigned a number, SQL Server first converts the decimal number to its binary representation.

This conversion is the reason these values are approximately, but not exactly, equal to the decimal version.

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This is why they are referred to as approximate numbers.The following table lists integer data types, their storage size, and range of values.

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