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As much as I love those ladies, most of the population would not be able to pick them out of a line-up, visual or audio.

These porn models were known by a subculture of a subculture (gay porn aficionados who actually bother to learn the made-up names of the interchangeable performers).

So many of them just vanish utterly when their time is up: Tom Chase, Travis Wade, Eric Hanson, Kevin Williams, Trent Reed, Jake Andrews, Zak Spears, Lane Fuller, Derek Cameron...

all of them were big stars fifteen years ago and now you never hear about them. Isn't it also true that some of them try to seek out a sugar daddy so they can live the rest of their lives comfortably?

He is an active volunteer for charitable hunger and education causes in his spare time. Aiden Shaw is now a hot silver daddy fashion model.

We're old pals (yes, he fucked the bejeezuz outta me a few times), and he makes more money now than when he did in pron, and he doesn't even have to take his clothes off.

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If the wedding effectively happened when the groom (or bride) wasn't looking, it's an Accidental Marriage.

This kind of activity was a lot more common back when there was more of a stigma attached to unwed parents, especially a single mother.

In this day and age, however, the mother is seen much more sympathetically in this scenario, and the father can remain in good graces too as long as the he comes to an arrangement with the mother to raise their child(ren).

This is a subtrope of Altar the Speed and also of Honorable Marriage Proposal. Invoking this trope is usually the purpose of The Baby Trap (and frequently, by extension, a Fake Pregnancy).

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Also compare and contrast Captive Date, where one side of a romantic evening would rather not be there, but isn't allowed to leave.

Whoops, didn't quite turn out like you figured, eh? The traditional Shotgun Wedding (replete with gun-toting relatives) is a common staple of comedies set in rural, "hillbilly" areas.

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