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BELKIS, TURKEY As the Euphrates River in southeast Turkey slowly rises, archaeologist Mehmet Onal grows troubled.A new dam threatens to plunge the ruins of Zeugma, a 2,000-year-old outpost of the Roman Empire, underwater.A major storm or earthquake may have caused the city to vanish in days or hours.Fortunately, ocean sediments (eroded rock and living matter) helped preserve the lost world.Zeugma may boast the world's most spectacular mosaic floors.No matter how fast Onal's archaeology team uncovers the mosaics and other artifacts (ancient objects), it won't be fast enough. The Turkish government claims it must dam the Euphrates to produce much-needed electricity for nearby towns.

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HERAKLEION, EGYPT Last June, explorer Franck Goddio scuba dived into the Mediterranean Sea, and 8 meters (26 feet) underwater swam face-to-face with a huge statue.

The Syrian ruins, called Tell Hamoukar, contain a collection of ovens large enough to feed an army.

Archaeologists believe the concept of people cooking communally for each other is a clear sign of planned civilization--and so far this is the earliest civilization ever found!

Just across the Syrian border, archaeologists recently discovered a buried metropolis sprawling over 2 sq.

km (500 acres) and speckled with 6,000-year-old ruins.

14), but until recently he lacked the technology to locate it.

Examples of Jewish groups are Aish Hatorah (Orthodox group), Moishe House (generally Conservative, but Jews of all backgrounds welcome) and Hillel (Jewish college-level group).… continue reading »

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Oldman — who plays British World War II Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill in his new movie — wed Schmidt at the LA home of his manager and “Darkest Hour” producer Doug Urbanski just before they headed to the Toronto Film Festival earlier this month.… continue reading »

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It hurt me seeing her this way and I said to her that I’d improve. We’d planned for her to come round on Friday, and by Thursday she was acting differently with me.… continue reading »

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Without the need of allowing thought to the way, it is a whenever Chinese language company supplies extensive supporter around Spring season Festival eve delight. Advocate Shuai Limu points out, although this group wants difficulty than the group of another Guangdong competion area a few, if a case that decides victory or defeat falls,do not pass, face a play to expect very hard, "Do well oneself training as far as possible, had studied adversary, look face a play.… continue reading »

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