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It would mark their third CF pairing together and I’m actually super curious what their chemistry is like now almost five years after their You’re Beautiful collaboration.They really very super adorable together, and Jang Geun Seok mentioned in this most recent interview that she’s still a very close friend and he’s been super happy for all her recent career successes.In 2006, Keun-Suk made the jump to the big screen in the Japanese horror film "One Missed Call Final." Using his past experience with the Japanese language, Keun-Suk was able to communicate with his Japanese co-stars with no problems. Check out his voice also on his Zikzin radio podcasts ( I click on the subtitled ones on the computer because I don't know Korean yet also). But I like you more in Mary Stayed Out All Night :) I think Mu-Kyul suits your personality best! Ugh too sexy for my life :) Too cute in Baby and Me with Mason :( :)) I now watched atleast 8 out of all your projects! i really wish for him to bulk up/roughen up a bit more to do roles similar to what he did in Itaewon and happy life. i know a lot of girls are wanting to see him in a series/movie with LMH but i dont want that to happen. I even showed him and he laughed so hard because it he also completely recognised himself. i mean in that series his 'talking' scene isnt that much and i felt like he tell us watchers what he felt by his eyes. and i love his voice, deep and soft XD for movies..i probably love baby and me and doremifasolatido the most XD. He also learned sign language for the prior three months in preparation for his role as a deaf boy in "One Missed Call Final". Even my children like listening to him probably because he is also so honest and sincere whether his opinion is popular or not lol !!! I did not find u so sexy handsome but ur voice soooooooooooooo nice mind blowing beyoud words.u r really blessed with beautiful voice even though I don't know ur language I madly hear repeatedly ur voice closing my eyes. And I will look forward for some more :) I didn't just admire you by your looks. Well, I really admire the way you portray the character you're playing. i like both actors, but i dont think the movie/series will gel really well with both of them being superstars and leading actors already. ♥ ♥ ♥ I would love to see how he is going to continue and excel in acting... in doremifasolatido, i cried and felt that he really sent the message of that 'sadness' to me XD jang geun seuk! XD Like many others, I also like to watch your acting. thanks Hi, ur acting is really amazing in He's Beautiful compared to Beethoven virus... And the songs from AN Jell...really love them very much. I actually liked their CFs together and think they would have worked better had their drama characters been less cartoonish in You’re Beautiful.As we previously reported, Jang Geun Suk will run as a torch relay runner in the Chuncheon area on January 29 to commemorate the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeong Chang. We will unite through sports as it’s a global festival. I think Japan and Korea are very close neighboring countries. Keun-Suk would go on to play in two more music inspired titles in 2008, with the feature film "Doremifasolasido" and the MBC TV drama "Beethoven Virus." Keun-Suk 's next role in the 2009 thriller "The Case of Itaewon Homicide" marked the first time Geun-Suk performed as a villain. But a month ago, I bumped into your latest drama, Pretty Man. Sukkie, you've worked hard, don't let detractors spoil your outlook in life most specially in regards to recent comments about that camping incident. belated happy b-day oppah =) May the good Lord continue to b Less you.... @ Evangeline : your complaints about the reactions toward your post are quite hypocritical. Opppa I really like you but can't you be with shin hynie ? I had just finished watching Love Rain and I wish it did not end so that I could continue watching you. :) I really like you're acting in He's Beautiful... I wish I'm from Korea so I can see you in person.... And came here, because your expressions really caught my eyes! i only know saranghe Coz i learned it from you in your movie DOREMIFASOLASIDO. i just grab the opportunity in sending you a message because im hoping dat you will read this soon. i know i can only see you in the TV but i dont know why i have this kind of feeling and i dont know why im acting like this.

He was inspired enough by these bands to start learning the Japanese language by himself. Here's an idea, treat this person like you would like to be treated and stop shoving a camera up his nose in his private moments or any other star for that matter.

I have a mostly love relationship with Jang Geun Seok.

Even his last few years of strange musical choices and a rather party heavy lifestyle has only rendered me disappointed that he’s not honing his acting craft and instead indulging his youthful predilections.

His next role was back on the small screen with the KBS2 historical drama "Hwang Jin-yi." Keun-Suk's performance in "Hwang Jin-yi" did gain the attention of many female fans. I am from Kerala(India)bless u This isn't my real name btw but I used it a lot of times. JKS is a much better actor than LMH, so i want to see him expand his acting into more diverse roles, even more than the diverse ones he has done continue your passion in singing and acting and being helpful to those in need..if ur tired of being single find ur heart in shin hye ...u know u have similarity and both of u enjoy each others company... Hope he will continue acting and not move to some other field as I don't want the world to lose a great actor like him... its my first time to watch one of your movies, your a great and good looking actor, i just finished watching "Love Rain" i got so hook and attached almost feel like falling in love again watching it, it was a great movie, i wish that you will have more projects soon more power... I started to like watching Korean dramas after watching you in Marry Me Mary. Hope to hear more songs like that from you in the future!

The following year in 2007, Keun-Suk was casted in the rock music themed film "The Happy Life." His portrayal of Hyeon-ju in "The Happy Life" allowed Keun-seok to show off his masculine charms, as well as display his skills as a singer. :) I'm from the Philippines :) I am a fan of yours :) Years ago, I saw your face in television bc of He's Beautiful but I really got no idea of who you are. dont mind the haters because they don't know you,you are genius and very very handsome how can there be a such a perfect guy you are maybe angel from the heaven you've worked very hard and you are the word prince take care for your health and your beautiful mind, you have an angelic voice too, your eels love your everything FIGHTING!!!! For the fact that they raised such a nice guy like you. I am an Indian and have been a follower of his on-screen works from the day-1 when I watched him on the screen... Your long hair and a matter of fact acting blown me away! In 2011, Jang Keun-Suk embarked on his fan tour "The Cri Show," which began in April and travelled through Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan., Malaysia, Thailand and China (Shanghai). Am happy for your mother, having an offspring like you, continue doing good deeds to the least in life, God Bless you & belated happy bday!! am grandma of 4 young boys, enjoys watching kdramas, kfood and been your fan for some years now together w/ my 2grandsons (2 are still too young to join us! take care always and saranghae...mwaaah " :*" Happy Birthday Jang Keun Suk Sir, :) Wish you peace, love, joy and health and for the love of everything Holy, please take good care of that health so no one ever has to see you hooked up to an IV pole again..even on your 103 year old last day... I am happy because I found the actor Jang Keun Suk. Hong Gil Dong and Beethoven Virus was great and the series "You're Beautiful" was interesting. Most importantly, you need to ask yourself why you felt the urge to write such a gratuitous and uninteresting comment (saying that JGS is not attractive). Because you look great woyh her , I hope you really datong shin hye unnie TT_TT. Hi, I love jang geun suk so much, you're so very cool and handsome that could melt everybody heart... Once again, you have done a great job in Love Rain. I am now listening to Love Rain OST songs at all times be it when I am doing my workout (running) or studying in particular those songs sung by you. Then you can popular not only in Korea and between girls 10-18 years old but also overseas countries. You are beautiful & handsome specially with long hair. I saw you acting in Marry me, Mary & also your kind & happy personality in 2010 KBS Drama Awards. I was smiling with every grimace you made, and every smile you showed, you made me cry with you, so for these emotions, I thank you!

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