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Hij heeft zijn highschool doorlopen aan de Jesuit High School in New Orleans.

Hierna ging hij studeren aan de Universiteit van North Carolina in Chapel Hill en haalde zijn diploma in 1988.

Mary isn't someone you'd want to spend a lot of time with. Mary keeps a "To Do" list in her car, which she returns to with dogged fealty.

Her handwriting, shown repeatedly in close-up, is sharp, angular, and marked by pronounced downward strokes.

Women don't rate terribly highly, either, particularly those in Mary's family.

This kind of gender reversal has become a complete clich by this point see Sarah Shahi's female detective in NBC's "Life" for one of many examples and also extends to Mary's relationship with her fellow marshal (Frederick Weller), who mostly alternates between being a smart aleck and a jerk. As for her boss, Stan (Paul Ben-Victor), he's reminiscent of Kyra Sedgwick's meek supervisor in "The Closer," only so clueless Mary will barely talk to him on the phone.

It is also devoid of roundness or warm, girlish loops.

(Note to graphologists: Knock yourselves out.) Yet much of her job consists of playing den mother to a motley group of federally protected witnesses, ranging from scuzzy hit men to innocent informants who have had to leave their previous lives behind, unable even to take a photograph with them.

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He looks as if he's hoping for breakfast on a tray. Ditto her cokehead sister, Brandi (Nichole Hiltz), who thinks the band Los Lobos is an Indian tribe and whom Mary has to treat as if she were a tiresome daughter rather than a sibling.