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The collection includes the notes and writings of Margaret Bridwell and Justus Bier regarding Frazier: a catalog of Frazier's work assembled by Bier; a catalog of works assembled by Nancy Jordan from 1952 with descriptions and sketches; copies of manuscripts by Margaret Bridwell for articles she wrote for a 1967 issue of Antiques Magazine; copies of a manuscript by Justus Bier with a note for the Louisville Courier-Journal; Bridwell's correspondence with Antiques Magazine and others; photographs of Frazier's work; correspondence between Bridwell and William Barrow Floyd, with the prepublication notice of Floyd's book on Matthew Harris Jouett, Joseph Bush, and Oliver Frazier; Bridwell correspondence with Fr.Bonaventure Crowley from 1964 concerning his possible use of the Frazier material for a master's thesis; Bier correspondence regarding photographs and permission to use them; a 1965 term paper by Lynne Meena; a selected Frazier bibliography by Margaret Bridwell, 1967.Julius Friedman is an award-winning graphic designer and co-founder of Images Studio a design and marketing firm in Louisville, Kentucky.The collection consists of annual reports, calendars, promotional items, books and catalogs designed for himself and others, newspaper clippings and articles about Friedman, ephemera from the Chapman-Friedman Gallery and Images and more than 200 posters, the earliest dating from 1967.The collection includes photographs of the architect's works, copies of expense accounts, biographical information, and copies of an address delivered at the Kentucky chapter of the American Institute of Architects in 1937.Original prints of photographs by Louisville photographer Henry Hesse document Davis' architectural sketches and buildings.This Christmas card collection consists of over five hundred original Christmas cards, mainly by Kentucky artists, collected by Peterson. This scrapbook holds Victorian decorative cards, including calling cards, U. Department of Agriculture cards, dated 1887, with illustrations of fruit, and cards advertising products. This collection includes letters pertaining to offer and acceptance of positions at Uof L; applications for grants; curriculum vitae; records of publications; letters of resignation; newspaper articles about Covi; Sketches by Dario A. Collected and donated by local art historian and artist Madeline Covi, these documents consist of: correspondence with University of Louisville alumni Nancy Jordan Smith; research notes on Augustus Vincent Tack; list of artists in Louisville compiled by Warren and Julie Payne; exhibit labels for art works in Madeline and Dario Covi's personal collection; translation of a 1939 book on sculptor Werther Sever by Giorgio Nicodemi, Milan, Casa Editrice Armando Gorlini; an unpublished manuscript on Franzee Dolbeare.

Tobacco, candy, and chewing gum companies printed trade cards or advertising cards to include with their products.

Also present are articles by Block, along with illustrations and documentation on his mural designs, including a mural proposed at Riker's Island.

The photograph collection includes photographs made in New York in the 1930s, including an Artist's Union strike in 1934, and studies for the Riker's Island murals.

Franta Belsky is a Czechoslovakian sculptor, living and working in England.

This collection consists of correspondence between Belsky and Robert Doherty, then chairman of the Fine Arts Department, University of Louisville, and a notebook of photographs of Belsky's sculptural fountains, each with explanatory text.Later work includes Block’s photographs made in Louisville, Mexico, New York City, and New Jersey.