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Enable adb debugging on the watch: After you connect the watch, run your app by selecting a deployment target as you would with a phone.

This is apparent, as when Keima ever approached a capture target, most of them tend to be flustered.

A Wear app should work independently of a phone app, as this allows users the greatest flexibility in their choice of phones. Note: You can test your app on an actual watch by connecting to the watch via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Although the Android watch emulator allows for testing on devices with different screen shapes and sizes, development with an actual watch enables you to better evaluate the total user experience. For information about creating apps in Android Studio, see Projects Overview.

Keima is obsessed with games, to the point of closing himself up in his own room and playing for three days straight, just to make it for his "deadline" on the Internet. " Keima has brown hair and eyes, wears glasses, has a bed hair sticking out and usually has a PFP in his hands. When he's not wearing it, he wears a long-sleeved shirt with a white collar and pants.

He's also forced to wear a black (purple in anime) guillotine collar on his neck, proving he made a contract with Hell.Keima Katsuragi (桂木 桂馬, Katsuragi Keima) is the main protagonist of The World God Only Knows series, written and illustrated by Tamiki Wakaki.