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31-Jul-2017 21:18

Discredited former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson will host a weekly news show on Sunday mornings starting October 4 on Sinclair Broadcast Group stations, which include ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox affiliates.

Attkisson has a lengthy record of shoddy, inaccurate reporting, and she has pushed a bizarre conspiracy theory that the government hacked her home electronics.

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Get those hearts beating with a touch of extra adrenaline -- if you're nervous, this could be the push you need to drop all pretensions/scream your face off before you hit the bar afterwards. ) by doing a good deed while getting to know a good person.

But several of the clean energy companies Attkisson mentioned never received federal funding or were incorrectly linked to the assistance in question.

[Media Matters, 1/13/12; Media Matters, 1/18/12] Attkisson Pushed Inaccurate Claims Based On "Partial" Information Likely Leaked By House Republicans.

She has been widely criticized within medical-research circles for a series starting in 2002 about research linking childhood vaccinations to the rise in autism.

The stories have been denounced in some circles as "fear-mongering." Attkisson is, typically, unbowed: "I stand behind it," she says. My only regret is that we haven't done more." [The Washington Post, 5/7/13] Attkisson Pushed Error-Ridden Report On "New Solyndras." A January 2012 CBS' This Morning exclusive investigative report by Attkisson about government waste purported to identify 12 clean energy companies, including Solyndra, that she claimed were "having trouble" or had "filed for bankruptcy" after receiving a total of .5 billion in federal assistance.

Sinclair executive Mark Hyman distributes commentaries to its stations.Attkisson can't get some of her stories on the air, and is thus left feeling marginalized and underutilized." Attkisson left CBS in March 2014. Post: Attkisson Has Been "Widely Criticized Within Medical-Research Circles" For Pushing The Debunked Link Between Vaccines And Autism.The Washington Post reported: Some of Attkisson's most controversial reporting hasn't been about politics at's done killing all the small animals in the immediate vicinity.

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The group told its ABC stations not to run a "Nightline" episode during the Iraq War because it was judged unpatriotic.

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