Compensated dating in hong kong

06-Dec-2017 04:32

Some girls come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, and others, as the article mentions, just want to replace a new cell phone.However, nearly all of the girls believe that “compensated dating” gives them the power to say no if they do not like the customer, and because they feel that they can stop anytime they want to, they do not think of themselves as prostitutes.We sought to study the prevalence of the compensated dating (CD) phenomenon among early adolescents in Hong Kong and to identify psychosocial correlates of CD, particularly basic demographic factors, positive youth development (PYD) qualities, and perceived family functioning.(a) For prevalence rate of CD, less than 3% of the respondents had ever engaged in CD; (b) Males reported a higher percentage of CD than females did; (c) Different measures of PYD and perceived family functioning were negatively related to adolescents' CD behavior; (d) Higher levels of PYD and better mutual support, love, and concern among family members were related to a lower level of CD; and (e) A mild relationship was found between CD and substance abuse.

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Selling sex, no matter what euphemism it’s categorized under, is still a form of prostitution, and girls are putting up their dignity as well as their bodies up for auction.A 19-year-old who calls herself Sze shared her story with CNN, hoping that it might deter other girls from compensated dating. We skipped the dinner part and went straight to the guest house for sex,” she said. I thought this was easy money.” Sze continued this for about a year and a half, because all her classmates were doing it.

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Some girls come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, and others, as the article mentions, just want to replace a new cell phone.… continue reading »

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