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Eight million visits were made between the two sides last year – a new high.We are making progress within the economic framework. How can we solve the troublesome doctor-patient relations? These conundrums have been put before the NPC deputies and CPPCC members.Our focus is to increase the vitality of the market and the creativity of society and to allow the people to benefit. This year we will continue to delegate power and allow the market to play a full role. For example, there will be new tax reduction measures this year for small and micro enterprises, and a focus on old-age insurance. @ Sina weibo Yansha Xishui Sunny: Competition in the world today is increasingly intense.It is fundamentally competition of education and talents.In a word, I hope the deputies in the two sessions will reflect the real conditions of the current education system and support the expansion of the ongoing reform of exam-centered schooling.Last year President Xi met President Obama in the United States and reached a consensus on building non-conflictual and mutually beneficial cooperation.There are more common interests between China and the United States than differences.Wise people seek common ground and the foolish focus on differences.

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There will be a long term mechanism for the real estate market.There are differences but these are necessary pains in growing cooperation.As long as differences are managed, then relations can be improved.PM2.5 control has become a major issue for the people. We will renovate at least 4.7 million housing units to help meet the people’s basic housing needs.

Even one small action is more important than a thousand words.

The government will continue to support Hong Kong as a financial, shipping and trading center.

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