Camiron diaz sexy

04-Dec-2017 18:53

Kate Winslet has famously had her nude portrait drawn in the film "Titanic" and stripped for other roles, though she admits it can get a bit weird stripping down on set.

"I just go in and say 'Oh, f**k, let's do it.' and Boom," she said in an interview.

This doesn't mean Mc Conaughey's changed his ways; he told GQ magazine in December 2013 that yes, he does still like to play the bongo drums naked.

Justin Bieber is a documented fan of public shirtlessness and singing songs to his grandmother in the nude.

This is one star who is always willing to face anything head on, no mask required.

, it was clear Cameron Diaz was a star in the making — and she immediately started making good on that promise, building a diverse filmography that boasts an impressive number of box office hits.

"We have this insane culture where women who don't look like the cast of 'Gossip Girl' are put into like sweaters and nightgowns to sleep in," she told CBS News in 2013. That's when a woman knows how to work things, or she doesn't care about that anymore. Obviously, neither Diaz nor Segel could be shy about showing some skin with a plot like that, but in fact, Diaz isn't just showing some skin. "It's a first for me," she says of the nude work in the comedy.

"What I love are the films of the '70s where a person gets out of bed and you see half their nipple because that's what it looks like when a person gets out of bed." "I like being 41.

While the murder victims aren’t terribly sympathetic, their murderers aren’t especially likable either — so by the time they cross paths with a Limbaugh-esque conservative pundit (played by Ron Perlman), loyalties to either ideological extreme have been tested. Nothing groundbreaking, obviously, but gave Diaz a chance to show off her gift for goofy comedy after a few darker films — and its 9 million gross didn’t hurt her bankability, either."Once the shoes are off, the socks come off too, and then everything else downstairs just follows at some point." What better way to get in touch with nature than to leave behind your clothes?That's what "True Blood" star Alexander Skarsgard did on a trip to the South Pole, as captured by adventure guide Inge Solheim.If you complain about it or procrastinate, it's not going to go away. As actors, you talk about it all the time."Daniel Radcliffe spent so much time naked on the sets of films and productions, he had to ask the producers of his Brit drama, "A Young Doctor's Notebook," to let him keep some clothes on.

"I think there was a discussion about possible nudity for one scene," Radcliffe recalled to The Independent, "and I think my comment was, 'I got naked in three films last year, please can I not? Diaz and Segel play a foolish couple who make the explicit home movie to liven up their marriage but it goes missing. After all, entire celebrity careers have been launched in exactly this way...

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