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Though the Puebloans were used brutally by the Spaniards, enslaved and forced to Catholicism, their religion and culture was not stamped out. Americans, when they won the Southwest from Spain and Mexico, largely ignored the Pueblos as they were not offensively warlike as the Apache and the Navajo who terrorized homesteaders and settlers.The culture and religion of the Pueblos has endured nearly unchanged.Regionally traders, collectors, and museums also appreciated these pieces.In the twentieth century benefactors from all of these categories began an earnest campaign to make the important artistry and beauty of these vessels and their makers known to the world.This trait made the use of pottery a luxury to be enjoyed only by a sedentary culture.The nomad cultures of the Great Plains and the semi-nomadic Navajo, Ute, and Apache of the Southwest never made or used pottery to any great extent although some Navajo potters today create a beautiful vase using the pitch covering technique of old.

It is generally agreed that the modern Puebloan potters of the Southwest are the descendants of the Anasazi.Glazed vessels and metal cookware became available in quantity to the Puebloans as trains and traders began to infiltrate the Southwest.But pottery is not now nor likely ever was a purely utilitarian item for the Pueblos. It is a product of the Mother Earth; her body forms the walls of a vessel, her bounty provides the paints to decorate it and the very need for having it in the first place.Contests that judged exceptional artistry such as the Gallup Intertribal Indian Ceremonial and the Santa Fe Indian Market began to have an impact.

The early success and recognition of Pueblo pottery artist Maria Martinez at the St.

The archaeological record may support this theory as early vessels have been found with the unmistakable imprint of baskets on their outer surfaces.

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