Activex not updating datingirect com

02-Nov-2017 17:08

The only good solution was to create a new browser that provided proper plugin support and that we have question, asked from the standpoint of the developer is understandable, but is as you have probably discovered, unrealistic.You are asking what can be done, by you as a developer to overcome something that was put there intentionally (by design), without the end user doing anything. As of IE11 on Windows 8, Microsoft no longer allows Active X plugins to run in its browser space.If its still not working or not showing any warning is display try checking console for other errors which are not related to This not about changing settings in IE.

It's not about detecting in my browser but getting the add-on recognised and allowed to run in all IE11 browsers... it's nothing new like "out-of-date" detection that is causing the problem. The plugin is used by hundreds of websites and they cannot be expected to bother with this procedure even if it did work, but it doesn't because IE no longer allows Active X to run in their browser space.

Unfortunately, in my opinion your best solution is to rewrite your solution so that it does not use Active X.

You will have a very hard time supporting it now and into the future.

There is absolutely nothing that a third party developer can do about it.

A similar thing has recently happened with the Chrome browser which no longer supports NPAPI plugins.Thanks for helping us achieve our mission of helping everyone learn how to do anything.